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Our rectangle trampoline frames are engineered to last many years and go through a thorough double hot dipped galvanising process which completely protects the frame from rust and corrosion inside and out. Without quality galvanising, rust and corrosion can build up, create weak spots and ultimately cause a breakage or failure.

Larger, Stronger Tubing

The heavy-duty framework connects with its solid square joiners, the tubing itself is round 50×2.5mm steel which is 25% stronger than most other brands.

Reinforced Corners

All four corners of the frame are reinforced with a cross-brace that increases rigidity and overall strength of the frame for longer life.

TenCate Permatron®

All of our trampoline mats use TenCate Permatron® material (TenCate is a USA based company). It has been proven over many years to be the best material for trampoline mats due to its incredible strength, durability and high UV resistance.

This material is the same used in hurricane barriers! It features an anti-graze finish whereby the individually woven strands have a hot rolled flat finish. The fibres thermally Interlock for the ability to handle constant flexing, making it extremely durable, but yet soft on your feet.

Put a Spring in Your Step

Our springs are extra long with tapered ends ensuring a smooth and responsive bounce. The springs are specially coated with a beautiful gold finish that protects them from corrosion and breakages.

Thick & Durable

Pads need to be able to handle being accidentally jumped on, and this is why we use one of the highest grades of PVC material. You’ll find other companies will use a low-grade PVC material on the top and use an even weaker PE material on the bottom to save on cost; our pads use the same high-quality 500D .55mm PVC on the top and bottom.

Durable PVC Sleeving System

Just like our padding, we use a very durable green PVC material that is directly sewn to the netting which allows it to securely attach to the net poles. This system has proven to be one of the strongest around. There are many other branded netting systems that leave the foam that surrounds the net pole exposed to the sun, this causes rapid deterioration of the foam. Our PVC sleeves completely cover the and protects the foam for long life.

Six Reinforcing Stitches

There is no point having such a durable mat material if it’s not correctly attached to the frame, we have six individual high strength threads holding the spring attachment points. Our spring attachment triangle have a beautiful gold finish coating that protects it from corrosion and ensures long life.

Zipped Entrance

The heavy duty zips on all our nets are triple stitched and reinforced with UV stabilised material to ensure high strength and long life. Some other branded trampoline entrances have a restrictive opening, our entrance has two zips (one vertical and another horizontal) this allows easy access for all body sizes.

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